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Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, the world’s longest

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach is the world’s largest and the only vergin sea beach of the Word.

The Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach is almost 150 kilometer long and it is called the virgin sea beach as the seac baech remained untouched by the artificiality. This is the most natural only sea beach in the world.

Coxs-Bazar-Beach-Beach birds flying
Coxs Bazar Beach: birds flying

The Longest Natural Sea Beach

Cox’s Bazar Beach, located at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, praised as the longest natural sea beach in the world running 150 kilometres. It is the top tourist destination of Bangladesh.It is very healthy beach and food paradise and very safe place for foreigner. Hotel are so cheap here and well organize and local people are so kinds. If you wish to travel in Bangladesh then must go Cox’s Bazar sea Beach at fast. Recommended and recommended and again recommended.

cox-s-bazar seca bach the longest sea beach in the world
coxs bazar seca bach the longest sea beach in the world

Favorite Holiday Destinations

My soul is full of longing for the secret of the sea. One of my favorite holiday destinations. I love the beach and the city itself. Cox’s Bazar isn’t Waikiki, Aruba or Copacabana. The city doesn’t have expensive shopping malls and fancy cars on the street. It is safe and quiet for the most part. It’s definitely old fashioned. And that rustic feel attracts me the most.

Cox's Bazar, Himchari Water Fall
Cox’s Bazar, Himchari Water Fall

Amazing coastline

The most magnificent sunset I have ever witnessed. We watched local fishermen go out to sea with their huge wooden fishing boats and caught some awesome pictures as well. Make sure you catch the sunset here.

The widest view

The widest view you can ever have from a beach. Despite of the overcrowded in some spots, you can find the beauty from any point of this area. You can enjoy the beauty of the sunset, the wild waves coming and splashing on you laying beside the beach, the marine drive and the variety of the scenic beauties of the beaches. From kolatoli point to Inani, you won’t ever feel bored if you are a nature lover. It’s more a family friendly, group friendly area with few beach activities like jet ski, paragliding, banana boats, surfing, volleyball, foot ball, sand castle making. It has too many budget hotels along with some good quality hotels & resorts. Foods are never a problem here. But, you can explore the variety of the foods available from buffet counters to the beach side sea food market. Beaches are more or less safer here. But during the night time it’s suggested to stay around the hotel beaches with the suggestion of the hotel receptions.

Cox's Bazar Sea Beach the Wildest
Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach the Wildest

Believe in Dreaming

My favourite place on earth ❤. Everytime when I plan for a trip, then this is the place which come to my mind first. Every single day I dreaming about this place. I have a big dream of beach house, which I will build on cox’s bazar.

Roar of Natur

cox’bazar is the longest sea beach in the world.Most Beautiful things is the roar of the sea.There have snail,small stone and many other things.this a safe zone for tour.

cox's bazar sea beach, the roar of nature
cox’s bazar sea beach, the roar of nature

Cox bazar – the pristine nature

Cox bazar is in Bangladesh with the distinction of having the longest beach of the world. One can reach Cox bazar by air from Dhaka International Airport or by road from Dhaka or Chitagong. The city is dotted with hotels of all ranges and with all facilities. Sea beach is beautified by Mother Nature with background of long trees. To move within city, rickshaws and small cabs are available. You can go for swimming as the sea is not turbulent here. Your kids can enjoy horse riding. Even one can go for different types of water games. With your family members, you can enjoy the delicacies of sea food. An weekend is suggested to refresh the mind and body at COXBAZAR.

Longest Sea Beach in the World
Longest Sea Beach in the World